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About Donald Dean

Picture of Donald DeanDonald is a Web Designer and has built numerous Internet Websites. He has been interested in technology and computers for most of his life.

He has worked for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company as a support analyst for CATIA, the cutting edge software that is used to design all of their new airplanes.

While at Boeing, Don wrote training materials, put together training manuals, and held classes to teach other Boeing Analysts and Engineers how to use Boeing's Software Configuration Management Program.

He also had a home business for several years where he created Computer Graphics for professionals who spoke at conferences and conventions and taught classes.

"I started learning about birds at an early age. My dad grew up on a farm and my grandmother (who lived with us) grew up in the country. They both loved nature and taught me a lot about the wonders of birds and their many habits."

"Over the years, I watched my dad build many bird houses and bird feeders and a highlight for me was to watch the cardinals and blue jays nest and eat right in our backyard.  It was a special treat when I would spot a woodpecker or a hummingbird.  This was the starting point for my appreciation of birds and bird watching."

Don has a desire for quality which was reinforced by the way he was raised as a child in Wichita, Kansas. His dad taught him a lot about dependability, responsibility and how to make do with what you have.

His dad, who was a US Army drill sergeant, loved to give advice. One of the things he told Don on numerous occasions and which Don took to heart is that "Whatever you decide to do in life, be the best that you can be".

"My desire is to have User Friendly Websites that provide Helpful  Information and offer Quality Products to internet users.  So I hope this Website will be of value to you.

Donald Dean



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