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Audubon Bird Feeders

Bird watching is an enjoyable hobby for many of us.  We love watching their antics of the different birds and especially enjoy the bright colors of the different species.

One of the best ways to attract birds to your yard or garden is with a feeder.  There are numerous things to consider when acquiring a feeder and there are many different types of Audubon feeders available.  And each feeder caters to specific birds.

Picture of Audubon Ground Bird FeederGround feeders are best for birds like Doves, Goldfinches, Cardinals, Juncos, Towhees and Sparrows. These feeders should be placed in open areas at least 10 feet away from trees and shrubs.  This gives the feeding birds ample opportunity to flee any dangers such as cats or squirrels. 

The Audubon Ground Feeder is one that is designed in a way that keeps the seeds fresh by separating them from the bird droppings. Some ground feeders will also have covers over them.

Picture ofAudubon Sunflower seed tube feederAnother good choice is the Audubon Sunflower seed tube feeder. It comes with metal ports around the seed dispenser to protect the feeder from nibbling squirrels and house sparrows.  Itís best to position this type of feeder about 5 feet off of the ground.  Also, you'll probably want to hang this type close to a window so you can watch, from the comfort of your home, as the varieties come to feed. 

This Audubon bird feeder attracts Chickadees, Nuthatches, Siskins, House Finches, Goldfinches, Titmice and Purple Finches as well

Picture of Audubon Suet feederAnother type of feeder for your consideration is the Audubon Suet feeder.  Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers love to eat suet.  Sometimes wrens, creepers and warblers will go for the the suet cake. You can feed suet by placing it in a mesh onion bag, or your you can buy a feeder that is designed to hold suet cakes.

You can hang a suet feeder from a tree branch or on a wire thatís strung between two trees. If you place it near other feeder poles, you'll probably get to see some birds that will eat both the seeds and the suet cakes.

Since the suet can turn rancid you should avoid giving out this feed when the outside temperatures are at or above 80 degrees.

Picture of Audubon hopper bird feederHopper feeders will let larger birds like Jays, Grackles, Red-Winged Blackbirds and Cardinals enjoy mixed bird seed.

Audubon has a hopper feeder that releases the feed as birds sit on the feeder trigger.


With so many birds and bird feeders available, you need to consider several things:

  1. What kinds of birds do you want to attract
  2. What kind of feeder should you get for your choice of birds
  3. How much effort do you want to put into setting up the feeder
  4. How much are you willing to spend

Then buy your feeder accordingly.

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