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Bird Bath Heaters

It's always enjoyable to watch the antics of animals, not only how they behave, but how they communicate.  Birds also have special ways of communicating.  They call to each other to when they have located food, or to alert each other of dangers.   If you've heard the saying,  "Birds of a feather flock together", this implies that they do things together.  One of the things they love doing together is taking baths.  For the winter months, you might want to consider having a bird bath heater, which will allow you to enjoy watching your birds through the winter months.

Since birds need water to drink and for bathing, it would be a great idea to place your bird bath near a bird feeder.  Experienced bird watchers know that if they put out a variety of different kinds of treats for the birds, this is a way to attract birds most of the year round.

Another way to ensure that you attract birds through the cold months, and this will be a benefit to them as well, is to have a heated bird bath.  A heated bird bath also provides them with a supply of fresh drinking water, keeping the water from freezing when the temperature drops real low. 

Picture of Bird Bath heater rockThere are a variety bird bath heaters available.  One thing you will need is an external power source close to your bird bath.  If you don't, you can either have an electrician install an external outlet box for you, or check at your local hardware store for electrical cables made for outdoors use.  This would be similar to the electrical cables that come with outdoor landscape lighting kits.

Farm Innovators has a Heated Rock Bird Bath where the heating element resembles a white rock that is placed in your bird bath.  Thus, the deicer does not look out of place. This cast aluminum artificial rock has a low-Watt heater built inside the artifical rock to keep your bird bath from freezing even in sub-zero temperatures.

Picture of heated bird bathAnother option would be to purchase a bird bath that comes with a pre-installed heater.  This is an all-in-one unit.  The heater element is attached to the underside of the bird bath and is thermostatically controlled to cycle on and off automatically to keep that water at a predetermined temperature.  They don't use very much power, generally about 60 to150 watts which would be equivalent to one or two light bulbs

In warmer weather, you can simply unplug the unit and take the power cord inside and your bird bath is then suited to be used in the summer without the heating element coming on.

Whether you are an experienced bird watcher or just a novice you can gain a lot of enjoyment by having feeders and a bird bath in your garden.  You just sit back and enjoy the show.

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