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Birdhouse Kits

If you love to watch birds, then you'll want to try the many ways that you can attract them into your yard or garden. 

  • Bird feeders that offer a variety of seeds and interesting pieces will bring different species.
  • A bird bath will provide a place where the birds can perch, drink and bathe.
  • A third way is to provide them with a ready made nesting site. This can be a store-bought bird house or you can obtain a bird house kit that makes the job of bird house building a quick and easy task.

As there is a good selection of bird house kits, you should consider several things.  What will this kit be used for:

  • Is this bird house going to be a permanent feature in your yard or garden - which means you want only a top quality, long lasting, sturdy kit.
  • Do you want a basic, no frills design that you can assemble by yourself or with your kids as a quick afternoon project?
  • What type of bird are you providing this bird house for?

Picture of Toysmith Birdhouse Paint Kit for kidsThese bird house kits are excellent ways to introduce your children to the beauty of birds that come into our backyards. They makes a fun project for scouting, summer camps, various educational events, school projects and other activities.

Toysmith® has a nifty little Paint a Birdhouse Kit for Kids.   Creative kids will enjoy having the paints included with the kit. Each wooden birdhouse comes with four paint colors and a 5'' paintbrush.  A link chain for hanging the birdhouse is also included.  You can help your child enjoy nature and crafts at the same time.

Be careful, though when working on these kits with small children.  Since they will contain nails, sharp objects, and paint, these are things you don't want your kids putting in their mouths.

Piacture of Purple martin two story birdhouse kitBird house kits are made for both single bird families and multi-units for multiple bird families.  For long-lasting and durability, the kit should come with high quality raw, rough-sawn Western Red Cedar wood. It should also include instructions and the all the basic component parts like screws, nails, and sometimes the paint will also be included.

Other things that should come in your birdhouse kit:

  • Pre-measured and pre-cut pieces of Cedar wood.
  • Good quality galvanized nails.
  • Pre-drilled entrance and mounting holes for easy assembling.
  • For models that are to be pole mounted, you might not have pre-drilled holes for hanging or mounting.

Another nice thing to have is that the wood surfaces are all primed and ready to be painted.  Thus making the painting job short and simple.  If you are one that likes to add details and designs during the painting, then you will probably want to smooth down the surface with sandpaper (100 grit) before you apply your paint.

Building a birdhouse with a birdhouse kit can be a fun project, making bird house building not only a very easy task, but a joy.  Once you've assembled one kit and found out just how easy it can be, you might be encouraged to go for more and make your garden a haven for many birds of all species.

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