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Birdhouse Decks

Birds are wonderful visitors to have in our gardens and they can add sweet sounds that make our garden visits much more enjoyable.  In addition to providing feeding opportunities for your birds, providing a living space is one way to keep them around on a longer basis and it will give you even more pleasure as you listen to them and watch them.

Some birdhouses are made to be strictly functional, while others are more a work of art, and some even feature birdhouse decks.

There are also various ways in which birdhouses can be mounted.  Some are pole mounted or hung, others can be hung from tress trunks or branches and others can be placed on platforms.

You need to be careful when considering the purchase of a birdhouse that is mounted on a platform or has a large deck affixed to it.  While a small deck-like perch around a birdhouse is acceptable, larger birdhouse decks are a hazard to the safety of the birds that take up residences in them.  (The birdhouse picture on the left is an example of a deck area that would be an invitation to predators.)

The large decks may look attractive to us and they mimic our house decks, but they should be avoided because they can be used as perching areas for predators, like owls, hawks and squirrels.  As an alternative, you can keep your birdhouse in the proximity of a tree where the birds can sit on branches and then fly straight to their house.  But a word of caution, you still need to keep the house some distance from the trees because squirrels can also jump from trees and land on the birdhouse.

Picture of Connecticut Retreat Birdhouse deckThere are a number of decorative birdhouses with small decks that will work. The Connecticut Retreat birdhouse is a single apartment birdhouse. Itís handmade with real wood and a real stone chimney. Other features of this birdhouse are a bay window, rocking chair and flower pots. Thereís a small sized birdhouse deck running the length of the exterior.

This birdhouse also has  environmentally friendly water-based paints.  The roof of this birdhouse can be removed for cleaning. A mounting plate for wood post mounting is included.

So when you are shopping for a birdhouse, just use some common sense.  As mentioned earlier, birdhouses can be just functional or be beautiful works of art.  Some are very unique and some are quite humorous.  As you look them over, think about how safe will they be for the birds. 

  • Can the house be mounted high enough off the ground and far enough away from buildings and trees so they will be safe from predators?
  • The entrances should be just large enough for the birds to enter, but not so large to allow other creatures in.
  • Is the birdhouse deck small enough so it won't be a landing area for predators?
  • Is the house well constructed so you won't have to replace it every year?

Keep these items in mind and you will be keeping your birds safe and sound.

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