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Gazebo Bird Feeder

Choosing a bird feeder can not only be a benefit to the birds, but it can also be an aesthetic addition to your yard or garden. 

One type of feeder is the hopper feeders and this include the gazebo bird feeders.   Many of the gazebo bird feeders usually accommodate large sized birds and also hold large quantities of seed.  Many of them are hand crafted with special care and add a decorative touch to your house and garden.

Picture of Audubon Copper Top Gazebo FeederThe Audubon Coppertop Gazebo Bird Feeder is a  combination of rustic beauty and practical use. This particular  feeder blends the benefits of both a hopper feeder and a platform feeder to accommodate a myriad of bird feeding options.

This classic gazebo design encourages use by all types of birds.  The seed platform can invite select birds based on what kind of feed you use, such as when offering mealworms, fruit or suet.

The clear plastic hopper has a 4 quart seed capacity.  Additionally there is an eye catching overhanging copper roof so your feathered friends can feed in style.  It has perches on all four sides.  And an internal seed baffle allows seed from the reservoir to empty into the platform without leaving a dirty residue.

The copper roof is hinged to make cleaning and filling quick and convenient.  The feeder is made of kiln dried inland red cedar.  As the copper ages, it will acquire a striking patina that complements the aging cedar.

Here's a couple of recommendations on what type of feed to use:

  • Black-oil sunflower seeds will bring in Goldfinches, Woodpeckers, Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Redpolls and Pine Siskins.
  • Safflower seeds will attract Finches, Grosbeaks, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Titmice and Chickadees.

Picture of GAZEBO BIRD FEEDERIn general, Gazebo bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes and colors.  There are even a few kits on the market.  Pet Zone is one place that has several nice choices:  Colonial, Victorian and Country styles.  Any paint you used should be bird-friendly so check before you buy it.

If you really enjoy the beauty of Gazebo bird feeders, then you might even consider buying several.  This will allow you to feed many more birds and also add some character and beauty to your yard.

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