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Metal Bird Feeders

People love to watch birds feeding in their gardens and many companies have products that will help bring in these wild birds.  And of course, the most well known product is the bird feeder.   Much of the time, when most people think of bird feeders, they think of feeders constructed of wood or plastic, but there is another option: Metal.

Metal Bird Feeders combine interesting designs with elegance and beauty to make your garden an inviting place for birds as well as add beauty and interest to your yard and garden.

Picture of Artline copper bird feederArtline has a very unique metal bird feeder that will catch your eye.  It is handcrafted in metal and very durable with a domed top that protects the seed from rain.  It is 14" in  diameter and 10" high.  It has a large capacity, holding  about 3 lbs of seed.

Picture of artline metal coach lamp bird feederThey also have another metal feeder that resembles a pair of coach lamps.  It has a weathered bronze finish and a 2 pound seed capacity.

The dimensions are 12.5" x 6" x 15.25" and the seed containers can be fill through the lift-up roofs.

Another interesting and unique design is offered by ModernArtisans.   It is a pair of "swirls" of solid copper that unite to create functional modern garden art.  In addition to being art, they are  a birdbath and a bird feeder. The larger swirl is the birdbath and the tray is watertight.  The other swirl creates a tray for seed as well as an overhead baffle to shelter the birds.  They say it will last a lifetime and will also develop that unique green patina as is normal for weathered copper.  They are 12" x 10" and are  Handcrafted in the USA 

Picture of Artline metal suet birdfeederAnother unique offering from Artline is a metal suet cage that has a refreshing new look from other traditional suet feeders.  It has a copper roof with lacquer coating.  It is mounted by a hanging chain with hook.  It will hold one standard suet cake and also has glass bead sun-catchers at the bottom.

Picture of Heritage Farms Seed and Suet Bird FeederFinally, there is a metal bird feeder from Heritage Farms.  It is the Deluxe Seed and Suet Double Sided Bird Feeder which has a large capacity, 2.5 gallon hopper.  It has a dark green hammered metal finish on the hopper and a real copper roof that will make this feeder an attractive addition to any yard.  It is squirrel resistant as well.  In addition, there are 2 suet feeder cages located on the ends of the metal feeder.

Any of these unique metal bird feeders will add an elegant and decorative touch to your garden in addition to attracting many birds.

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